Day 88: Greatest hits pt. 2 - Regulators (STOP)

Remember talking about Warren G?

Okay, okay . . . for those not following me, google ‘Warren G most popular song’.


I talked to a guy one time about how he struggled with masturbating in the shower. He wouldn’t be looking at pornography on a device but in his mind. I suggested he play worship music on his phone each time he got into the shower. Wouldn’t you know it, that worked.

I talked to another guy once about how he struggled with looking at porn on his phone at bedtime. I suggested he buy an alarm clock and leave his phone in the kitchen overnight. That worked.

I have friends at various stages of working through their alcohol addiction. They don’t go to bars to hang out & order water because they can’t trust themselves. Meanwhile, that’s one addiction I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid so I’m not tempted if I happen to walk into a bar or pub.


Remember this conversation about Regulators? Internal versus external?


We talked about how we all need various kinds for various topics at various times in our lives.

We talked about how for some it’s something as simple as staying busy and scheduling your day well while others need to install porn-blocking software apps on their phone.


How are your regulators doing?

What internal regulators can you manage?

What external regulators do you still need?

Do you have any that have transitioned from external to internal?


Again, stay engaged in this conversation. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re all good and can do away with external regulators. In fact, many of these need to just become room-temperature behaviors for Christian men.

We’re demanding more of ourselves.

We’re setting an example for the next generation.

And we’re setting an example for our Timothys.


Thoughts to Pray/Journal:

  1. What are your regulators? Do you evaluate their effectiveness regularly?
  2. Which do you need to tweak?
  3. How have you talked about regulators with your Timothy?



Matthew 17:14-20

Acts 3:1-10