Day 87: Greatest hits pt. 1 - Emotions Wheel (START)

Remember Samson? We talked about him on day 39.

I carry my tumbler around with me sometimes and people, when they notice and look the verse up (Judges 16:22), think it’s a joke because I’m bald – by choice and otherwise.

When people ask, I tell them it’s about second chances. It’s about how Samson had messed up . . . in a major way . . . repeatedly . . . when he knew better.

But God (there’s those two words again) worked despite that and returned to Samson.


We went a little deeper though, right?

We talked about what emotions Samson had behind his actions. And how he probably gave very little thought to identifying, recognizing, and satisfying those emotions in a healthy way.


So I ask you, now that you’ve had a few months to think on this topic, what lies at the root of your actions?

Why turn to pornography or sexualized fantasy or sexualized images or . . . . whatever your sexual sin habits may be?

What emotional need are you satisfying with it? What’s the root cause?

And what are some ways you can address those emotions in a healthy way?


For some guys it’s a feeling of being disrespected, inadequate, insignificant. So, they subconsciously turn to porn to feel powerful, in control, respected . . . manly.  


For others, it’s a feeling of frustration or anger. So instead of dealing with that in a healthy way they turn to porn, release some feel-good brain chemicals, and go back to life.


Those root cause emotions . . . THAT’S what you need to take to God. That’s what you need help with. That’s where you need to make room for God to do what only He can do.


Thoughts to Pray/Journal:

  1. Now that time has passed, what are your thoughts on the Emotions Wheel?
  2. What have you learned about yourself?
  3. What are some ways you can take emotional root causes to God?



Judges 16:22-31