Day 86: Jesus & Peter - pt. 2 (WOE)

About a year ago I spent a week in Chicago. The conference I attended was fine enough but I chose my hotel poorly. It was clean . . . ish . . . but I think there was something in the air . . . or carpet. I started getting sick, and in a way that I don’t usually get sick. I just felt . . . off.

On top of that, I had just broken my toe, my pinky toe. Just enough to be annoying and painful, but not enough to be a good excuse for missing anything.

Also, the conference was exhausting. 8am-6pm on most days and ‘til 9pm on one night.

It was a lot, and I was out of my element.

On that Thursday morning I chose to be a few minutes late and stopped at a Chick-fil-a® to have a chicken biscuit.

It tasted like what I was used to . . . just like the place back home.

It was refreshing.

It was comfortable.


When we’re exhausted, disappointed, down, sad, depressed, or . . . whatever . . . we go to what’s comfortable, what we know.

John 21:3 contains this sentiment. Peter tells his fellow disciples, “I am going fishing”.

Jesus, their inspiration, teacher, and Savior, had been arrested and was crucified.

He had died.

They were down.

So what does Peter do? He goes to what his comfort.


As we close in on this program, don’t revert to what you know, what you’re comfortable with. Know that the enemy will tempt you with pornography & you’re not out of the woods yet. Be vigilant and mindful, even when you’ve had a lot of successful days in a row.

Instead, recognize what God has called you to now. What your next season is.


After Peter got over his internal reaction to the charcoal fire, he has a conversation with Jesus. Jesus calls Peter to a greater ministry than he could have imagined. Not only was Jesus not going to blast Peter for denying Him, he wanted to elevate Peter and take him to a new season of kingdom work.

What’s your new season of kingdom work?

What does God want to elevate you to now?


Hear me on this . . . all the work you’ve put into killing this sexual sin addiction will sustain ONLY if you recognize & embrace REGULARLY what God is calling you to next.

Timothys, you need to have for sure. But what else?

Think bigger.

Seek God.

Pray about it.

Consume His word.

Get involved in your church.

Self-reflect . . . where are you gifted & how can you use that for kingdom work?


The journey is not over . . . it never is . . . there’s just another chapter around the corner.


Thoughts to Pray/Journal:

  1. What is next for you? What’s the new season God is calling you to?
  2. What is going to be in your way/what steps do you need to take to get there?
  3. How do you plan to stay engaged in this conversation after this devotional is done in a few days?



John 21