Day 74: Prayer - pt. 1 WHAT? (START)

I remember as a kid learning that prayer is simply talking to God. However, I didn’t find it to be simple. What should I say? How should I say it? Should I just ask for things? – that seemed selfish . . . Should I just pray for other people? – I had problems too! And doesn’t God already know everything? So why do I need to tell Him??

All those thoughts would go through my head as a kid . . . trying to get better at praying.

And I’m still trying.

The truth is it really is just talking to God.[1] It is a Christian’s primary way to communicate emotions and desires to God. It can be out loud or in your head, private or in a group setting, and basic or more nuanced. It’s just about getting it out & sharing with God.

And of course He already knows everything you’re going to tell Him. But it’s not about informing Him of anything. It’s about sharing your heart and growing closer to Him. As you would in any relationship where you’re trying to grow closer to the other person.

It’s also about communicating your requests. God honors that and over time, you learn to recognize His voice in your daily life.  

What I’ve noticed most often about prayer though? I find myself not asking for my will in things. Rather, I find myself asking to help me align my will with God’s will. I want His way to unfold in my life, and for my emotions, mind, heart, and soul to embrace and welcome that.

And that ONLY happens through prayer . . . the molding of your life according to God’s will. Yielding to Him.


As you identify triggers and seek to abstain from pornography & sexualized material and images, talking to God must become a regular habit.

But notice this . . .

Not because you can’t be free of pornography without prayer.[2] But because talking with God helps align your will with God’s will. Remember how we talk about the Woe is Me principle? How we can’t do this on our own? We’re not strong enough?

Here’s one practical way to implement that principle in a START behavior.


Prayer will help you get things in the right order. God’s will first – directing your path & illuminating your steps. Then as you follow Him, you’ll feel the burden of this lustful sin habit lighten.


Today, we learn what prayer is. Tomorrow, we discuss how it’s done.


Thoughts to pray/journal:

  1. How has your prayer habit been in the past? Why?
  2. What has made it difficult for you to improve in this area?



Luke 18:1

Romans 12:12

Ephesians 6:18

[1] For a comprehensive yet condensed article on prayer, see

[2] To be clear, you can abstain & not be praying, but not sustained & in the long-term; only for a short while.