Day 65: Commit & succeed (RHYTHM)

Sand the Floor.

Paint the Fence.

Wax on. Wax off.

A man confronts you he is the enemy. Enemies deserve no mercy.

Sweep the leg!


Ralph Macchio refuses to age am I right?!

Mr. Miyagi has a lot of good sayings throughout the Karate Kid movies and one I want to think about today is, “First learn stand. Then learn fly.”

He says this to Daniel as he attempts to learn the crane kick, which he wasn’t ready for at the time. His point is that you must first learn the basics here & now . . . and then the more advanced stuff comes later.

We are a little over 2/3 of the way through this devotional and in most cases have already completed 12 weeks’ worth of a small group on the topic of lust. Yes, you should stay engaged in this conversation for much longer than you already have in order to remain diligent on this topic, so how can you help develop rhythm?

First learn stand.

Focus on the basics.

Each day, every day.  

Commitment in the short-term will lead to success in the long-term. That’s why we said early on, don’t set a STOP goal of X number of days free from pornography. That’s great to string together days, but that can be self-defeating.

Each day is its own goal.

Commit to doing the basic stuff. Pray at least twice per day. Read your Bible daily. Study it regularly. Worship God in your car & on Sundays. Stop clicking on those sites. Remove that app from your phone that triggers you. Develop discipline that prevents you from having opportunities to access things you shouldn’t. Maintain relationships with your Pauls, Barnabases, and Timothies. Find ways to embrace & change your thinking and behavior about God’s role in this process & His grace.

Do the basics each day and that will lead to success in the long-term.

Don’t get caught up on thinking about what life will be like with 2, 3, 5, 10 years without looking at pornography. Those markers will come but not if that’s your focus.

Focus on Today.


Topics to Pray/Journal:

  • How can you better focus on the moment? On today?
  • What distracts you from that & how can you address those distractions?



Catch Up Day!