day 6: discomfort req'd pt. 1

The best shoes I own came from a running shoe store. You know the kind of place, a shoe store that is specifically dedicated to running. I’m not talking about a generic, get any kind of shoe you want type of store. I’m talking about a store where people comfortably talk about body glide and chaffing. Where socks cost double digits. And the people are SUPER nice. And they sell some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy, at an exorbitant (but worth it) price. While  shopping there can certainly be uncomfortable at first, I have found the benefit to these stores and their shoes.

And that’s how growth happens right?

Being uncomfortable.

You will never grow in freedom from pornography & lust without discomfort.

And discomfort is not something we naturally embrace; it’s uncomfortable. Yet it is baked in and part of the process. The good news is that God is there guiding you each step of the uncomfortable way.

In Acts 10, we see a man named Peter living this principle out. I’ll summarize.

Peter was on his way to Joppa when he went up on the roof to pray. He got hungry and fell into a trance (I can relate) and saw a sheet descend. On the sheet were all kinds of animals from four legged animals to reptiles and birds. God said ‘Rise, Peter; kill and eat’. Peter was a good Jewish man who followed the Old Testament Law so had never eaten anything unclean and that’s what Peter says in response.

        Pause . . .

Peter is arguing with God and the basis for his argument is God’s own principles. Sometimes God draws us to a new development in life and we resist, not recognizing it’s God (I can relate).

        Unpause . . .

God then tells him that all of it is now considered clean. This happens three times before Peter gets it (I can relate), then the sheet was taken back up to heaven.

        Fast forward . . .

Peter is invited to a Roman man’s home. Again, this was not something Peter, as a good Jewish man, would have done due to the Old Testament Law. Yet, due to the vision and God’s direction, he says this in verse 28: ‘You yourselves know how unlawful it is for a Jew to associate with or to visit anyone of another nation, but God has shown me that I should not call any person common or unclean’.

        Fast forward . . .

Peter’s invitation to this home is based on a vision the man received as well. Peter’s obedience led to them, Gentiles, hearing the saving message of Jesus. Such that they all got saved and baptized.

How awesome is that?!

Peter’s discomfort was due to a much larger agenda that God had for him.

If Peter would have stayed comfortable, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be such a blessing and be a part of how God worked in these people’s lives!

Discomfort is required!

If you are going to live a life free of pornography and lust, you must shift your mindset to embrace discomfort. The path between where you’re currently at and the life of freedom God has for you has discomfort along the way, and you’re natural tendence is going to be to run away from that, to recoil and take your foot off the gas when you get there.

Know that now and set your mind to the fact that you’re going to work through the discomfort and not run away from it.

Thoughts to Journal:

  •          In what areas do you foresee discomfort on this journey? How will you prepare?
  •          How do you resist or argue with God about what He’s doing in your life?
  •          Looking back, have there been times God is at work to a much larger degree in your life than you realized? Looking forward, (5 year timeframe again) how might He be at work now?


Acts 10