Day 58: Spiritual disciplines - pt. 4 (START)

I’ve cleaned bathrooms. Have you ever had to clean bathrooms? Sometimes it’s not so bad. Other times it’s . . . well . . . not fun. But someone has to do it, even at church. In fact, that’s been some of my more colorful bathroom cleaning stories. No one really noticed though unless they saw me doing it.

I’ve also had a microphone on a Sunday morning, preached and taught. And been told all kinds of wonderful things & appreciation for what I shared.

Sometimes you’re in the spotlight.

Sometimes you’re replacing urinal cakes.


Serving is the last spiritual discipline we’re going to discuss in this 4-part series but it’s certainly not the last spiritual discipline out there.[1] It serves a few different purposes but two main ones I’ll highlight here:

  • Furthering of Ministry: Whether you’re cleaning bathrooms, holding doors, playing an instrument, running a soundboard, holding a baby, playing with toddlers, or hanging with youth, serving in your local church is helping further the work of the ministry. Jesus commands us to make disciples (Mark 16:15) and efforts of the local church is the primary way this is done. You regularly being a part of what your church does week in and week out is helpful not just for your pastor, but also helpful for your spiritual development.
  • Clearer picture of God’s Plan: Over the years, I’ve had times where life is flowing or life is struggling. The balance of these two, along with the experience that accompanies them, has helped me see how God works in my life. The same can be said for serving. We all play a part to the larger picture and how that all works together to draw us closer to Him uncovers the plan God has for our lives. But, if you’re not serving, you don’t get to be a part of that but rather hear it second hand after the fact. You hear someone else report about that breakthrough conversation with a young person on a Wednesday night. You hear someone else talk about how they were thanked for creating a welcoming environment at church that Sunday and how much they needed that.


In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul talks about how we are many members but one body. He compares us to our physical bodies and how each part plays a role to make the whole work together as God intended.

Not everyone can be the head or the arm or whatever, but likewise, we are nothing on our own, not serving the whole.


Get connected.

Be reliable.

Engage & do your best.


Thoughts to Journal/Pray:

  1. What are some ways to serve your local church?
  2. Do you mow grass based on your gifting or do you mow it because it needs it? How can you serve in a way that’s helpful to your local church, even if you don’t necessarily feel it’s exactly suited to you? What value does that have?



1 Corinthians 12:12-31

[1] This is a textbook, but good stuff & quite a thorough study on discipleship: