Day 53: Spiritual Disciplines - pt 2 (START)

In college I worked at a comedy club. We did improv. Yes, I’m one of those people.

I struggled most with the singing type of improv. It’s just super uncomfortable and awkward for me. I had never sung publicly and never had one voice lesson . . . that last part was quite clear!

However, the larger principle of improv applied to singing as well . . . the more you lean in and commit to it, the easier it’ll be.

As we continue the discussion on spiritual disciplines, let’s look at two today that might require you to ‘lean in’ a bit more . . . worship & financial stewardship.


Worship: I don’t know what your church looks like for the worship portion of your service but I’ve been in a variety of settings over the years. From old hymns to modern worship to rock anthems to gospel, I’ve seen it. And I appreciate the variety! Everyone has their own tastes but the point of engaging in worship is to tell God how awesome He is.

And, it helps focus our soul on who He is and what He’s done for us.

Remember how we talked about being intentional & purposeful with your actions?

It’s not unlawful for you to miss the worship part of your church service, but it’s not helpful. So get in there and be ready to go!

Second, you need to spend time worshipping God during the week. Whether you play worship music from your phone or wifi speaker or whatever while you’re getting ready in the morning or listen on your commute, be intentional. Engage. Listen to the lyrics. Pray the lyrics.


Financial Stewardship: There is some back and forth on this topic and depending on which pastor you listen to, you may or may not be told that 10% is what you should tithe on to your local church. Regardless how you come down on this, 10% is a good goal & regular discipline measure.  

And I will tell you this . . . I’ve seen God work in my life and in my family’s lives when we stay disciplined to that measure, even if it didn’t make sense on paper. God has always found a way of providing. And when you’re trusting God in this area of your life, you turn to Him more frequently for provision. And turning to Him more frequently is NEVER a bad thing.


Thoughts to Journal/Pray:

  1. How are you doing in these two areas? Scale of 1-10 what would you give yourself?
  2. What impact might prioritizing these two areas have on your kids or those that look to you for leadership?



Psalm 145

Luke 6:37-38