Day 52: Spiritual Disciplines pt. 1 (START)

I mentioned my daughter has a job. She works at a restaurant. There are a lot of moving parts and different areas for her to learn. She has a couple different trainers but the most knowledgeable is a lady named Donna.

Donna knows the place backwards & forwards and has a particular way of doing things. She pays attention to details and has a high standard of performance for her staff. My daughter asked her once how she got to know so many aspects of the job. Donna simply replied that she learned it a bit at a time and stuck with it.

Growing in a field of employment is like growing as a Christian. You do it a little bit at a time and stick with it.


Spiritual disciplines are the behaviors by which we grow as a Christian. Simply stated, things like Scripture study, prayer, worship, financial stewardship, serving, etc. help us become more like Jesus.

In addition, we NEVER stop growing . . . and that should be our goal . . . constant pursuit & growth.


As we journey toward a life free from pornography & lust, part of the process is to develop a healthy rhythm of spiritual disciplines.

Today, let’s focus on two key elements: Scripture study and prayer.


Scripture Study: You need to have a consistent Scripture study discipline. This needs to be in the form of a daily devotional AND also a habit that is less frequent but deeper. Perhaps once every week or two, read a large section of Scripture. Have a journal handy and write down what stands out to you. Grab a commentary or study on that portion of Scripture and read about what stands out to that author.

Have I mentioned journalling yet? Writing it down helps keep a log of what you’re learning for later reference. Aim to study an entire book of the Bible. If you’re new to it, Mark or Luke is a great place to start . . . as is the book of James or 1 Peter.

Prayer: You need to talk to God regularly. It doesn’t have to be formal, in fact, informal is kind of better, but it must be consistent. Matthew 6:9-13 lays out what has become known as The Lord’s Prayer. Jesus sets out a model for how to pray. This model can look different depending on your circumstances, but it is a good guide.

Have I mentioned journalling? Write down what you’re praying about. Again, keeping a log will strengthen you as you become more disciplined and consistent in this area.


To be clear, freedom from pornography and lust does not happen by simply abstaining from triggers or habits, shifting our thoughts and avoiding certain tv programs. That is all part of it. However, more broadly we must be focused on becoming stronger Christians.

THAT is the key and THAT is the point of Spiritual Disciplines.



Thoughts to Journal/Pray:

  1. What do you need to work on to become more consistent in Scripture study & prayer?
  2. How can you adjust your daily routine to allow for more time in this area?
  3. What about a weekly/bi-weekly discipline in this area? What would that look like for you?



Matthew 6:5-15

Luke 11:1-13