Day 48: continuum of lust pt. 3 - progress vs. sucess (woe/START)

I can’t remember which video conference platform does this, but one of them announces your arrival. It’ll pop up on your screen, “John Smith has arrived” when you enter the meeting . . . if your name were John Smith.

The first time I saw that with my name I thought, wow, no one has ever said that I ‘arrived’. I like to consider myself a simple man, out of touch with today’s generation & trends. My kids call it old. I call it in this world but not of it.

With pornography & lust, you will never ‘arrive’. There will always be temptation in life. We’re fallen & sinful. Our bodies change over time. But it will always be there to one degree or another.

So . . . Success??

Ask any AA sponsor if they’ve succeeded from their addiction.

But they have made progress with their addiction.

That’s sanctification.

And this is where the Christian-ese comes in handy. Okay, let’s dive in.


Justification is a one-time work whereby God declares you ‘not guilty’ from your sin. This happens when you accept Jesus. Justification . . . Just-as-if you never sinned.

Sanctification is a progressive work that lasts throughout your life. Justification is the starting line for sanctification. Simply put, sanctification is the ongoing process we as Christians are constantly going through to become more like Jesus. God, primarily by His Spirit, has a role in this, as do we with our choices each day. [1]


More specifically, our role is executed in two ways: OPENNESS & ACTION.

First, we are open to how God works, trust His word, and yield to Him. In the words of Paul, we present our bodies to God (Romans 6:13, 12:1).

Second, we act on the things of God’s word. We are responsible for our choices. We bring our bodies under control, strive for holiness, and flee from immorality.

Committing ourselves to these two parts of sanctification is a daily, constant choice. We must pray for strength, self-awareness, and confidence to do the right thing.


So, while everything on the Continuum of Lust is sin, and our goal is to get off the continuum completely, know that this will take time. Do not be discouraged if you take one step forward & two steps back. If one day is great and the next 3 are horrible. But likewise, remain vigilant if you’ve had 4 good days in a row because you are still susceptible to the next one being a wreck.

Success from the continuum is the goal but progress is the vehicle by which we participate in sanctification.

Are you with me?

Know that being a Christian is a lifelong process of becoming more like Jesus. And while we may never get there in this world, the process is filled with blessings, grace, and mercy . . . An Abundant Life.


Thoughts to Journal/Pray:

  1. What has been your experience with the sanctification process?
  2. How can knowing about the sanctification process help you on your road to a porn & lust free life?
  3. What does sanctification mean about how you have the opportunity to become more like Jesus?



Romans 6:12-14

2 Peter 1:5-11

[1] Got Questions is a great app for your phone as well as website ( for all types of things. There is a great & succinct article on progressive sanctification I highly recommend for further study.