Day 46: Continuum of lust pt 1 - who gets to define it? (Woe/STOP)

I have a cell phone holder next to my desk. I got the holder b/c it offered wireless charging which I thought would be fantastic. However, after charging for the first time, my phone battery dropped drastically later that day and died. Same thing happened the next day. I knew then that I wouldn’t be using the wireless charging feature and it was just a plain holder.

However, I had to turn my phone on its side to charge because of where I plug the charging cable in. After a couple weeks of that, and then not being able to read texts when they came through, I decided to modify the holder. Since it’s wooden I went to the garage, took my saw, and cut a slot at the bottom of the holder. The cord fits nicely and my phone faces the right way.


From time to time my 8-year-old daughter (at the time of this story) will sit at my desk. Once she asked me what that slot was for. I asked what her guess was and she came up with a variety of ideas and uses. I then explained that I cut that piece off for my charging cable for my phone.

Because I had designed it, I got to define what it was used for.


Get it?


There are a lot of things the world says about sex these days.

But such has been the same since the beginning of time. Often, people attempt to define it based on what they think or feel as opposed to framing their thoughts & feelings into what the Bible says.

Since God designed it, He gets to define it for us.  



If you are reading this devotional, you likely agree with me when I say that God designed sex to be within the context of biblical marriage.[1] As such, anything outside of that misses the mark, misuses God’s design, and is sinful. I’ve searched Scripture to see if there’s any wiggle room but there’s not.

It’s that simple.


Jesus was super clear in Matthew 5 when He said that we commit adultery (sex outside of marriage) anytime we look at a woman with lustful intent.

Lustful intent.

Pretty broad right?


That means viewing pornography.

That means watching sex scenes in movies (hint: you can fast forward and still follow the plot, I promise).


That could mean watching a tv show just because you like to look at a certain actress.

That could mean sitting back and fantasizing.

That could mean lingering stares at the mall or gym or . . . Wherever (there’s a difference between seeing and looking – you know the difference; it’s hard to not SEE anything in our world but seeing it twice is LOOKING).


It could be any of that and so much more right?


The definition is broad & the bar is high. But God’s the designer so He’s the definer.

Our job is to live within that definition to the best of our ability. There will be times we will fall short but that doesn’t absolve us from the responsibility to give it our best each and every day – after all, God’s mercies and patience with us is new every day.


Thoughts to Journal/Pray:

  1. What are some ways you can help reinforce God’s standard for sex not just in your life but within your family?
  2. In what ways might you try to redefine God’s design based on your thoughts, feelings, or opinions? What about with topics besides sex?



Matthew 5:27-30

1 Corinthians 7:1-5

[1] The purpose of this devotional is not to lay out an argument on the topic of homosexuality. For a more exhaustive thesis on biblical sexuality, see . . .