Day 21: Noah & the flood pt. 3 (WOE)

I love flannels. I have probably 20 of them and the collection grows each year.

I also have a beard. It grows each year too.

In months containing the letter R, I regularly wear a flannel, perhaps a beanie, and my favorite pair of boots . . . weather cooperating. My wife calls it a lumberjack look. However, it’s a look and that’s it.

I only recently bought a chainsaw (at my wife’s direction which was one of the coolest things she’s done!) and have only used it once. I would be lost in a land of timber and would most assuredly be of very little expertise should a true lumber emergency arise.

Talking about it versus being about it are two different things.


As you may have noticed over the readings in Genesis for the past couple days, Noah didn’t say a lot. God spoke & Noah did.

Genesis 6:22 sums the whole passage up best, “Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him”.

To me, it seems that perhaps Noah was the quiet type. Perhaps he was a man of few words but a lot of action. I can appreciate that. But more than that, the things he did were out of obedience to God.


To recap the past couple of days, God’s role in this was providing favor.

Noah’s role was to walk with Him and do all that He commanded.

That’s your role.

Walk with God and do all that He commands.



Throughout Scripture, we find how much God longs for our obedience. It stands to reason that there would have been times throughout Noah’s life that he questioned or even doubted what God was commanding. You too may question how (or what) God is asking you to live life.

But trust God that He has your best intention at Heart and his commandments are designed to bring that plan about in your life. Sometimes it might not make sense, or it might seem too extreme, but trust & obey God.


A life free of pornography & lust is possible, and God’s intention for all men.

But it’s not going to happen in your life unless you let God be God and as such, obey Him every step of the way.

You cannot do it on your own,

nor are you designed to.

You can’t.


God not only establishes the standard but also gives you the tools necessary to meet it. You have

His favor already through your faith in Jesus. Now subject all aspects of life to Him and do as He commands.

Don’t just talk about it but be about it. It’s easy to sit back and think, “one day” but if that’s all you do, “one day” will never be today.


Thoughts to Pray/Journal:

  • What areas of your life is it easy for you to talk about doing something but not actually do it? Why is that? What’s stopping you?
  • Are there times you perhaps talk too much? Telling others what they need to be doing with their lives? Why is this a habit for you & what might be the bigger issue it’s pointing to?
  • Today . . . what are some things you need to do?




Genesis 6:5-9:17

. . . Notice what God did & what Noah did . . . journal how this applies to you