Day 20: Noah & the flood pt. 2 (WOE)

My wife loves those cutesy girly stores . . . you know the type.

They have things in them that serve no functional purpose other than making her happy. Within those stores, you’ll find signs or pictures with quippy sayings. A common phrase that I first noticed a few years ago is ‘doing life’. “I love doing life with you” . . . or “Doing life with you is so satisfying”.

You get the point.

While it’s a phrase that is at first a little weird and probably not grammatically correct, we all know what it means.


The Bible tells us that “Noah walked with God”. When you look at the original language to see what that means, you find a similar definition to ‘doing life’.

Noah did life with God.


In a society that was lost and a culture that had forgotten what God called them to, Noah found favor and walked with God.

In a society that had gone off the rails, Noah sustained his faith and kept true to who he knew God wanted him to be . . . by DOING LIFE WITH GOD.


Our society is interesting. We have warnings on shows if there’s cigarette smoking and you won’t find nudity in a PG movie. Yet, topics of sexuality are prevalent in shows geared specifically for teens & tweens.

The networks’ limits (as loose as they were) of ‘tv’s newest show’ have gone out the window and been replaced with anything goes given that so many shows are streamed now and therefore more accessible.


As a result, some SUPER popular shows that people talk about at the office are filled with gratuitous nudity & sex.

It’s as though society has moved the moral standard further from the Bible in an even sneakier way than before.


How do you respond & live the life God intended?

Well, how did Noah do it?

You walk with God.

Do life with God.

How? What role do you play?


We learned yesterday that God gives favor but what do we do?

Walking with God calls for subjecting EVERY part of your life to God’s authority.


That means the kindness you show to others at work is just as important as not lying to your spouse.

The financial stewardship you demonstrate at church is just as important as abstaining from filth in triggering movies.


EVERY part of your life is subject to God if you want to walk with God in the way Noah did in a society much like his.


You have God’s favor, now it’s time to walk like it.


Thoughts to Pray/Journal:

  • In what areas of your life is it easy to “walk with God”? What areas are more challenging? Why do you speculate that is?
  • What areas of life do you consciously or subconsciously keep others out of? What areas do you keep God out of? What areas do you keep even your journal out of? What control are you gaining by doing that? Is that control real or just imagined?
  • Society has sneakily moved away from God’s standard. How have you noticed or even fallen victim to that?



Genesis 6:9-22