Day 19: Noah & the flood pt. 1 (WOE)

Like the budgeter, I am not the finder in my family.

If something’s lost, and I’m your go-to guy, you might as well go ahead and order a new one from amazon.

I’m getting better though.

I’m learning that you have to move things around sometimes and be sure to look at everything to inspect it. At a glance it might not appear to be the paper you’re looking for . . . but once you study it, you’ll see it is.

Some things look like the thing you’re looking for but once you get closer, you’ll see it’s not exactly what you want after all.


Noah’s ark is one of the top 3 stories of the Old Testament that most people are familiar with. In case you’re wondering . . . the other two are David & Goliath and Jonah & the whale.

Over the next couple of days we’re going to look more closely at this story and pull a few principles that apply to lust-free living. We want to focus on the roles that both God & Noah played in chapters 6 & 7 of Genesis.

A brief verse in this story contains a very interesting phrasing. Genesis 6:8 says that Noah FOUND favor in the eyes of the Lord.

He FOUND it.

He didn’t obtain it or seize it or take it or earn it or strive for it.

He FOUND it . . . as though he were looking for it. And then found it.


Are you looking for God’s favor? Are you trying to obtain it? Seize it? Earn it? Strive for it? The only thing you’re going to do with God’s favor is FIND it, similar to how my wife finds something when I have given up and declared it lost.

Funny thing on that, it’s there the whole time, I just don’t see it . . . but she does . . . hmmm . . .


Noah found God’s favor.

YOU can find God’s favor.


For us, God’s favor is found in Jesus. As a Christian, you have God’s favor. It’s right there with you . . . in Christ.

Quit trying to earn it or obtain it or behave for it like a kid wanting to get called on to be the 2nd grade class line leader.

If you want to walk a life free of pornography, you must understand that God favors you.

Right now.


Amid your poor choices, He sees Jesus.


That’s an incredible fact, and one that MUST be embraced daily in our thought life if we want to live life to the utmost as God intends.

Woe are you but Awesome is God.

In a society riddled with sin & working itself in direct opposition to God’s plan, Noah found favor.


So can you.


Thoughts to Pray/ Journal:

  • How do you look for God’s favor? Are there times you convince yourself that you must earn or obtain it? What does this look like in your life?
  • What does it mean to have God’s favor? How does that fact change the way you live?
  • If you already have God’s favor, what motivates you to live a life free of pornography & lust?




Genesis 6:1-8