Day 11: Discomfort Required pt. 2: Comfort with Discomfort

Remember the shoe store from a few days ago? Over the years I have gradually become more comfortable there. In fact, I’ve accompanied a few friends at their request to shop for some of the best shoes for their feet. The reason for my comfort is because I’ve done a lot of running over the years. I’m by no means a fast or super fit runner, but I’m comfortable on a treadmill, on a trail, and in a running store.

Let me give another example.

Compound interest.

Investing in a fund with compound interest is highly advisable and it’s amazing how your money will grow over time. The reason is that it grows, then grows again from that new amount. Then grows again from THAT new amount . . . and so on.

Are you following me?

Are you connecting the dots with our topic at hand today?

We grow from God stretching us, making us uncomfortable. Abundant life is found through compound spiritual growth. What’s new & uncomfortable today soon won’t be if you continue to lean into it.

Remember a few days ago when we talked about Peter & the sheet coming down telling him it’s okay to eat food that was once deemed unclean? He then went to visit the Gentiles and God moved in a powerful way. The last sentence in Acts 10 says that Peter ended up staying a few days; it wasn’t just a casual, quick visit.

Two chapters later in Acts, Peter is imprisoned. Did how he saw God work in chapter 10 prepared him for chapter 12? Absolutely!

God wants to do the same in your life. However, to truly be ready for tomorrow’s blessings you have to embrace today’s discomfort. And know that tomorrow will also bring discomfort which is preparing you for the following day’s blessing. Sure, you can stay where you’re at and struggle with what you’ve always struggled with, and God will still bless you.

But you’re selling yourself SHORT. Like never taking a Porsche above 40.

Will you get where you are going? Sure, but there’s so much more.

Here’s the antidote,

become comfortable with discomfort.


Embrace challenges.

Earnestly seek God about what He has for you that will stretch & grow you.

Embracing today’s discomfort will prepare you for tomorrow’s blessing. But also, embracing today’s discomfort will make tomorrow’s challenges easier to bear.

How about this START goal? Do something uncomfortable every day.

It could be taking the trash out even when it’s raining & you’re initially inclined to put it off to later.

It could be immediately having that uncomfortable phone call at work that you’d prefer to avoid until tomorrow.

It could be allowing yourself vulnerability by engaging in worship at church without worry of what others will think . . . or letting your kids see you pray and earnestly seek God’s face.

Whatever it is, each day push past your natural inclination to take your foot off the gas at least once. That will acclimate you to embracing the discomfort and that will soon spill over to every aspect of your life and you will grow.


Like compound interest.


Thoughts to Journal:

  1. In what areas of life do you tend to pull away from discomfort regularly?
  2. What practical things could you start doing daily that are currently uncomfortable for you?
  3. What would change about your family & loved ones of if you did something uncomfortable each day?



Acts 12:1-19