Day 63: Mind renewal - pt. 1 (START)

I was unemployed for around a month a few years ago. I was between jobs although I didn’t have a second one lined up. God was faithful during that season and we really didn’t miss a beat in terms of what the kids were able to see & experience. Things tightened up but again, God was our provider. Not sure how as I look back but it just all worked out.

But that’s a story for a different day.

I spent a lot of time at the library close to my house. I worked all the job sites looking for my next place of employment. In addition, I saw all the movies & CDs the library allowed me to check out and had a whole new perspective. As we trimmed the budget, I was able to access a myriad of resources all for free. Sure I had had a membership before this point but things took on a whole new light.

I’m a renewer though. I never get through a book in the first period of checking it out. I’m ambitious but rarely live up to my ambition.

But the best part of renewing? You get to start over!! You get a reset. A redo.


Almost a month ago we talked about disciplining our minds.

Today & tomorrow we’re going to look more closely at Romans 12:1-2.

Paul directs us to not be conformed to this world but TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING[1] of our mind.

Why did he write it in that order? Why are we transformed by a renewed mind?

In the Greek, transformed is also where we get the word metamorphosis – a complete change into something new.

Similarly in the Greek, renewing can also mean renovate or reestablish – not into something different but just . . . reset.


I would argue that the significance of this is huge in that it means there’s HOPE for YOU!


A renewed mind is within your grasp . . . TODAY.

Being transformed takes time but renewing can happen immediately.


So what does this mean for you?

Renew your mind today. Reset it. Restart it. Renovate it.

And not just right now but throughout the day. As displeasing or sexualized thoughts enter, reset. Restart.


It’s a continual process but one that will help you become a new creature.


Thoughts to Pray/Journal:

  • How can you renew your mind throughout today?
  • What does the word renew mean to you when it comes to your mind?
  • How can one of your Barnabases play a role in helping you do this?



Romans 12:1-2

[1] Your translation might say renewing or renewal. Either way, the Greek is a progressive, meaning it’s continually happening & not a one and done.