day 35: proper goals pt. 3 - START goal (rhythm)

I mentioned a couple days ago about how once per week I spend at least an hour writing out goals for the week and ‘re-centering’. I hesitate to call it my ‘Soul Time’ because I don’t really know what that is, but I suppose that might be the best name for it.

I used to do this here & there, but not a dedicated hour each week. This is new to me but so far, has been very beneficial. I try to focus on the to “DOs”, not the “DON’Ts”.

I work on them throughout the week and then the next week I reflect, set new goals, and build on them.

For those of you who may have had a hard time with yesterday’s reading b/c you like goals, today is for you! START goals are NOT just about today!


Set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly START goals.

What do you want to accomplish? What new positive habits do you want to develop? What is God calling you to do more of or invest more in? What have you always wanted to become stronger in but just haven’t yet?

Prayer. Ever met those ‘Prayer Warriors’? What can you do to become stronger in your prayer life?

Bible Study. What can you add to your weekly/daily schedule to consume more Bible? 

And not just a cursory reading . . . a deeper dive into the text. Podcasts? Commentaries?

Fellowship. What relationships need to become richer? How are things with your family?

Service. What does your church need & how can you become a part of it?


And this doesn’t have to be just spiritual START Goals.

Exercise. Whatever that means to you. How can you become more consistent? How can you challenge yourself?

Learning. What can you consume more consistently to become a better student of _____? History? Science? Biographies?

Professional Development. How can you grow in your field of occupation?


Here’s my point, START doing new things regularly. Set goals for yourself to do _____ for X days/weeks. Work toward those goals & celebrate them when you achieve them.

These things will strengthen you in various walks of life.

And as you grow in strength, you have a higher capacity to avoid the things you know you should avoid.


Thoughts to Pray/Journal:

  1. What are some areas you could grow in? Think long-term.
  2. What can you start doing today to work on achieving those? Think short-term.
  3. What are some milestones you can establish to know you’re progressing? Think medium-term.
  4. How can these areas give you a stronger foundation in life?



Matthew 7:24-28