We are a body of believers that are relationship-oriented and community-focused.  In other words, we believe relationships are important, and building authentic relationships with one another and those in our community is a priority.

Jesus actually set the example to touch people were they live.  We are merely trying to follow that example.  We build relationships by reaching out to the people in our community.


AFRICA OASIS PROJECT - Assemblies of God World Missions/Africa has launched a major effort to respond to Africa's critical need for safe and available water. The Africa Oasis Project is focused on providing appropriate solutions based on recognized best practice methods.  The range of responses to local situations includes deep-water wells, sanitation training for maintaining water in sanitary conditions once gathered, rainwater harvesting and storage, irrigation, and sewage management.  Their mission is to reflect the compassionate nature of Christ by alleviating the suffering of those impacted by unsafe or inadequate water.  Digging our 8th fresh-water well in southeastern Africa has become a reality.

ARNOLD FOOD PANTRY - We, at Grace Union Church, are assisting the Arnold Food Pantry to donate much-needed supplies to those affected by the recent flooding which has impacted our community.

FEED MY PEOPLE - Grace Union Church partners with this Christian inter-denominational organization, striving to show God's love and compassion to all His people, but particularly to His people in need. Here is our monthly collection schedule:

  January   Personal Items
  February   Proteins
  March   Cereal
  April   Paper household products
  May   Canned and boxed foods
  June   Kid-friendly foods
  July   School supplies
  August   Baby supplies
  September   Canned and boxed foods
  October   International foods
  November   Holiday foods and supplies
  December   Baking items

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care - "Homefront Enabling Relationships, Opportunities, and Empowerment through Support"  We're assisting H.E.R.O.E.S. Care's support for deployed military members and their families by providing care and comfort boxes.

MISSION TRIPS - Our youth is fully engaged and work first-hand in transforming lives through the Gospel; providing love, compassion, healing, and hope.  Several of our trips have included:

     +  Mission of Hope/Haiti
     +  Jamaica
     +  South Africa

OASIS INTERNATIONAL - The love and care of God through ministering to refugees of war-torn countries in need in the St. Louis area.

     +  Bar-B-Q Outreach at South Bevo Mill park
     +  Furniture Drive

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD - Through the Samaritan's Purse International Relief organization, Operation Christmas Child delivers simple shoe box gifts for children throughout the world.  Each year, we not only collect and assemble the boxes of gifts; we support several of our church family members making the trip to Boone, North Carolina, to help sort the gift boxes for world-wide distribution.

ST. LOUIS FOOD BANK - Stamp Out Hunger is an annual event that takes place across the nation on the second Saturday in May.  Each year, we participate in this event unpacking and sorting at the distribution center in Bridgeton. 

TRUNK OR TREATThis is a Halloween-alternative event, held annually on the Grace Union parking lot where we "decorate" the trunks of our cars and pass out treats.  We extend a "trunk or treat" invitation to our neighborhood families and provide a "trick-or-treat" alternative in a safe family environment.