On your first visit anywhere new, it's common to feel slightly apprehensive.  The usual questions arise...

   How long will it take to get there? 
   Where will we park?
   What should we expect? 
   How long will we be there? 
   Are there special activities for the children?


Let us set your mind at ease!  Here are the answers to some of your common questions. 

What time is your worship service?

We have our worship service each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. During Phase 1 of the re-entry to "in-person" services, the 9:00 a.m. service is designated "Masks Required"; and the 11:00 a.m. service is "Masks Recommended"  Please read our "Phase 1 Re-Entry Guidelines".

What is your typical service like?

Our service is usually 60-75 minutes long. In each service you can expect to interact with people who are glad to see you. We generally spend time singing together, praying together, reading some verses from the Bible, and listening to truth about how we can better love God and others. The topics you'll hear about are practical, dealing with everyday issues like finances, relationships, marriage, children, singleness, suffering, serving others, and other important social issues. We also examine the lives of those written about in the Bible so that we can learn from their successes and failures.

We often incorporate other elements into our services such as videos, music sections and drama that help drive home the theme or topic being discussed. We celebrate baptism and communion together on a regular basis too. We provide our congregation with the opportunity to support the ministries of Grace Union by inviting them to worship God with their finances with tithes and offerings. As our guest, we want you to feel no obligation to participate in the offering time.

We don't have a worship service on Sunday evenings, but there are a number of small groups that meet at that time and all throughout the week.

How do I get there?

We are located at 3900 Union Road (behind the Best Buy store on S. Lindbergh Blvd).  We've even reserved parking places conveniently located just for our visitors!  Get directions using this interactive map.

What about my children?

Children and students are important at Grace Union. While you're enjoying the worship service, your children can enjoy interactive activities with their peers.  We encourage you to take advantage of these ministries so that you and your children get more out of the worship services.

Our Student Ministry is there for both middle and high school students, where they encounter other kids just like them. They will also experience worship and the presentation of the Word of God that they can understand and appreciate.  Our students fully engage in worship and service in the main auditorium each Sunday morning, then return each Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. for age-specific worship in the Youth Auditorium.

During our service, small group activities are offered for preschool children up through kindergarten that take place in the Children's area of the building. We also have an age-appropriate service for elementary-aged children in the Elementary room on the Children's side of the building.

Free nursery care is available for infants and toddlers during our Sunday morning services.  Because your child's safety is of utmost importance to us, we carefully screen our kid's volunteers and utilize a controlled check-in and check-out process for your children.

When should I arrive?

For your first visit, you'll want to arrive about 15-20 minutes before the service. That way, you'll give yourself plenty of time to park and drop off your children at their areas.  Then have a cup of Starbucks Coffee and mingle a bit if you feel comfortable.  Or, you can just find a seat in the auditorium and feel settled.

How should I dress?

Honestly, we believe that God is far more concerned with what's on the inside than what's on the outside.  We want you to focus on opening your heart to what God might want to do in you.  So, don't be overly concerned with how you're dressed. The important thing is that you come.

We understand life is complicated.  Church shouldn't be.

We believe that church should be an enjoyable experience, a place that's easy to get to and a place where we can all pause to experience God, enjoy each other and celebrate life. If you've never been to church, or it's been a while, we hope that we've been able to answer some of your questions. We encourage you to join us for church so that you can find a place where you can see how much God really has in store for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Connections Cards

Please take a moment during our service and fill out the response card that's located on the information desk in the lobby.  You can give us your name and at least a phone number or email so that we can let you know how much we enjoyed having you join us.  We would also like to get your honest opinion of your experience with us and give you a small gift.  You can pick your gift up at the information desk in the lobby at the end of our Service. 

Also, if we can give you any additional information that you might be interested regarding Grace Union and the opportunities that we have for you and your family, please feel free to ask questions.

Pagers and cell phones

Please help us eliminate distractions in the worship service by turning off or silencing your pager or cell phone.

Meet our staff...

Even though our church is growing, our staff still remains as accessible to you as always.  We would love to meet you personally on Sunday morning or meet with you during the week.