We are a body of believers who are relationship-oriented and community-focused.
Building authentic relationships with one another and our community is a priority.

+  Some of John’s Revelation was to prepare the church for things coming in those early years.
+  Some of what was written was preparing the church for the world the changing event of the crumbling of the Roman Empire.
+  Some of what is written in Revelation is to prepare the church for what still lies ahead today, in the Return of Jesus, Judgment, and New Heavens and New Earth.

In the Bible, the main things are always the plain things.  This series looks at the MAIN and PLAIN things that Jesus said to his church through John's Revelation.

Listen to Pastor Jason's October 15th message entitled "SARDIS"... the 5th week of our current "THE SEVEN" sermon series, using the media player below.  You can listen to or download any of our previous sermon messages on our MULTIMEDIA page.